Workout of the Week: Butt & Thighs

My Workout of the Week is a video I found on Blogilates, one of my favorite workout blogs. This video is focusing on lifting your booty and trimming your thighs. You can easily do the video at home, the only tool you need is a miniband or flexiband (just tie the ends of the flexiband, so it becomes a circle like the miniband shown in the video). To tell you the truth I was so sore after this 15 minutes video I could hardly sit in my office chair, not mentioning going up and down the stairs. That’s why it is my workout of the week: short, simple and so effective!

Good Luck!



Mealprepping: Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

May I introduce: My favorite grilled chicken breast, spinach, tomato, cucumber and avocado salad ready to go to work, to school, for a picnic, just everywhere you want to go!

Grilled Chicken Salad

Preparing meals in advance helps me a lot to stay focused on my diet and avoid unhealthy food choices and binging. Beside of this cooking only once a week for 4-5 meals saves your time, reduces stress and somehow makes you to commit to your diet plan. I mean you’ve cooked the meals, hence you going to eat them!

My mealprep system is working the following way:

Saturday: Grocery Shopping – Ensure being stocked with all fresh and healthy ingredients you need in order to cook all the meals. Make a list and focus especially on produce and protein (eggs, chicken, fish, tofu..).

Sunday: Mealprepping – Ensure you have enough Tupperware boxes first. Grill Chicken breasts or any other protein you like. Cut all the veggies you need for your salad. Put everything in your lunch boxes. I recommend 1 palm-sized source of protein and 2-3 handful of veggies. Leave out the dressing, it would otherwise make the salad soggy, instead fill the dressing in a small container for later use. Put your lunch boxes in the fridge.

Monday-Friday: All you need to do is not to forget to take your lunchbox out of the fridge when you leave the house.

You have now a healthy meal for every day of the week!

Grilled Chicken Salad

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Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas

These delicious potatoes are the classic Spanish tapas dish and a perfect meatless Monday dinner.

I have adapted the original recipe slightly by baking the potatoes in the oven instead of deep-frying. This makes the dish lighter, healthier and leaves  you more room for other tapas or even dessert.


Patatas Bravas

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Citrus Sunshine Pops

Citrus Popsicles

These ice pops are a perfect fresh cick for a hot summer day. They have a great balance between sour and sweet plus they are loaded with vitamin C.

I bought my Rosenstein & Söhne popscile mold recently from Amazon for 12,90€. They are really easy to use and they come with the wooden popsicle sticks already. What I love the most about doing homemade ice pops is that you exactly know what is inside. No artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners or sugars and no stuff which you can’t even pronounce. Instead these ice pops are loaded with so much juicy fruit you can almost taste the sunshine!

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Lemony Codfish Burgers

Codfish Burger

Thanks god its (fishy) FRIDAY and I would like to start this wonderful sunny weekend with some delicious Thai inspired lemony codfish burgers!

These codfish burgers are easy to make and a really great way to eat fish if you are not a big fish fan. They are perfect for lunch or dinner and super healthy!

For the buns you can either use any convenient buns from the supermarket, or you can prepare them homemade yourself following the instructions for Delicious Homemade Burger Buns. For a low-carb and gluten-free diet I can recommend my recipe for Gluten-Free Protein Bread Rolls.


Gott sei Dank es ist (Fisch) Freitag! Und ich möchte dismal gerne mit köstlichen Thai Limonen Kabeljaufilet Burgern ins Wochenende starten. Die Burger sind so einfach zu machen und eine super Zubereitungsart für jeden der nicht so der Riesenfischfan normalerweise ist. Sie sind ideal als Mittag- oder Abendessen und super gesund! Die Brötchen kannst du entweder fertig vom Supermarkt beziehen oder leckere selbstgemachte Brötchen backen indem du mein Rezept Delicious Homemade Burger Buns verwendest. Für eine glutenfreie und kohlenhydratarme Diät empfehle ich mein Rezept für Gluten-Free Protein Bread Rolls.

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New Workout Routine

After posting day in day out recipes for pizza, pasta and chocolate cups I decided that it is only fair and honest to share with you from time to time how I’m working of all the delights which I’m cooking, eating, photographing and posting every day.

Together with a professional trainer I have worked on a new weight training routine which perfectly works for me and will hopefully help me reaching my goals.


Upper Body

Seated Row (Machine) – 3×15 (20kg)

Lower Back (Machine) – 3×15 (15kg)

Chest Press (Machine) – 3×15 (10kg)

Abs Twist (Core Bag)  – 3×15 (5kg)

Lower Body

Thigh Abductor (Machine) – 3×15 (30kg)

Thigh Adductor (Machine) – 3×15 (30kg)

Leg Press (Machine) – 3×15 (50kg)

Lunges (Core Bag) – 3×15 each leg (5kg)

Soulfood: Lasagna al Forno

Lasagna al Forno

Healthy and still authentic, homemade Italian Lasagna al Forno. It’s something I enjoy once in a while with a glass of red wine and it gives me this cozy feeling like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I know I sound a bit emotional, but we talk Lasagna here, it is SOULFOOD!

This Lasagna recipe I got from my Italian mother in law (Thank you Mina!). It is comparably healthy and light using only a moderate amount of good parmesan (Grana Padano f.e.) instead of draining the whole dish in too much fatty cheese. For the Béchamel I used light butter, reduced fat milk and quinoa flour, which makes the Béchamel lighter, according to my mother in law. One more super tip is to use extra thin lasagna leaves. Like this you will use only half the amount of pasta/carbs for the whole Lasagna. So despite all the healthy Lasagna tweaks, the taste remains delicious, authentic and none of your friends or family you are cooking for will ever notice that you have been “cheating” a little here and there by replacing some of the ingredients with its low-fat versions.


Ist eine echte authentische Italienische Lasagne nicht eines der Besten Essen für die Seele? Ich gönne mir ab und an ein Stück mit einem guten Glas Rotwein, das gibt mir ein so behagliches Gefühl, welches sich wie eine warme Decke um mich legt. Dieses Lasagne Rezept habe ich von meiner Italienischen Schwiegermama in spe, die immer sehr gesund und figurbewusst italienische Klassiker kocht und interpretiert. Von ihr habe ich die Tipps bekommen etwas weniger, dafür aber guten Parmesankäse (z.B. Grana Padano) zu verwenden, statt das Ganze in zu viel fettem Käse zu ertränken. Für die Béchamel Sauce habe ich Light Butter, Entrahmte Milch und Quinoa Mehl verwendet, auch eines der Schwiegermamatipps. Ein weiterer ihrer Supertipps war das Verwenden von extra-dünnen Lasagne Blättern, dadurch spart man sich auch wieder fast die hälfte der Pasta/Kohlenhydrate in gramm. Ungeachtet der figurbewussteren Substitute, der Geschmack bleibt authentisch und köstlich und glaub mir: deine Gäste werden nicht einmal merken, dass du hier und da etwas “geschummelt” hast. :-)

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Lunch in a Jar

Lunch in a jar

This post is for all the busy singles, couples or families who wants healthy, delicious, and time-saving meals for fresh eating at home or on the go.

Why should you put your lunch in a mason jar, you might ask yourself? By stacking the ingredients in the right order you keep all flavors and consistencies fresh plus your salad looks tasty and fresh even after it spent hours in your handbag. And by the way, I can’t tell you how envious my colleagues were looking at me every time I pulled out at lunch time my jar instead of having the odd cantine food.

A “lunch in a jar” is inexpensive, healthy and can be prepared in advance the night before or even a working week in advance. For me it’s the ultimate working lunch! Here some of my favorite and vegan “Lunch in a Jar” options.

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Food of the Week: Green Beans

Green Bean Recipes

Here a simple clean eating challenge anyone can do: Eat once a day everyday one healthy food! Every week I will celebrate one superfood and its health benefits by posting simple recipe suggestions so that you can easily include it in your diet.

This week I want to celebrate green beans! Green beans are rich in vitamin K, fiber and folate. Various food studies have proven the great antioxidant benefits of green beans. The antioxidant support provides you as well with direct cardiovascular benefits like the improvement in levels of blood fat.

So now that we know Green Beans are good, here are 5 mouth-watering Green Bean Recipes just for you!


1. Spelt with Green Beans and Chickpeas

Spelt with Chickpeas


2. Raw Cucumber and Carrot “Pasta” Salad with Green Beans

Raw Cucumber Carrot Salad


3. Greenie, a Veggie Burger Deluxe


4. Asian Style Beef Skillet

Asian Style Beef


5. Insalata Russa

Insalata Russa